Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Consequences of Untrained Aid.

Okay so recently with me there has been a slight development. It all started about two years ago when the "American Knight" idea was just a youngling. I was in a Google hangouts chat with multiple people I didn't know, save for my cousins (which is why I was there). It was while I was in there that one of the participants, a young girl, was saying things that indicated some form of distress. I, wanting to be the "knight", the "special agent", decided to ask if she was okay and if everything was all right. It turns out this girl is 12 and living halfway across planet Earth. So here's were we begin about two years worth of me talking to this minor. I started when I was 17 and the possibility of legal conflict never crossed my mind, this because I was young and because my intentions were by no means negative. So anyway I find out that this minor is incredibly depressed, low self esteem, little drive, and hence her grades and social life tend to suffer. Now during this time her parents would catch her ( I hadn't yet realized she was doing this without permission, eventually I caught on). So after a while she begins talking like she's suicidal and this really bothers me because there's nothing I can do. I mean it really stresses me out, I feel that it'd be my fault if she did something and that I would have failed to reassure her that her life has value and meaning. It would really be detrimental to everything I am and want to be. Keep in mind this is 17 year old me thinking! :) So as time goes by I'm struggling to keep this girl thinking positive and with the help of some awesome friends of hers (and now mine) she keeps moving forward. It is at about this time that her parents confront me on talking to her I apologize and back off. But not for long, here is my mistake. At about this time I'm 18 and believe that it is my mission to keep this minor alive and striving for victory. This get's me and her into some trouble as she continues to try and contact me. Her parents ground her keep all electronics monitored. All things considered though, her parents were doing what any parent would, so you gotta hand it to them. I get stressed out as she doesn't seem to respect my personal schedules or needs for sleep. I become so stressed that I become unprofessional and lose touch a little. Eventually I come to terms with myself, "this isn't for me, it is for those who are hurting, for those who have been through the worst life has to offer". But not long after this her parents find out that we are talking once again. The girl I'm talking to informs me that her parents have taken screenshots of our conversation and intend to send them to the police department respective of my location in the U.S.

I guess I'm telling all this because despite my urge to help the vulnerable and suffering I failed to see that there are rules and ways to do things. The whole thing is a learning experience. It would have been nice for me to learn the legal facets of such a move on my part. It's been a week since this happened now. I've talked to a law firm, my local police department, as well as my attorney on what charges may be filed against me. He's a great guy and honest as can be. Suffice it to say a warning to all, despite your intentions however good they be, remember to respect others and the law. 

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