Sunday, October 16, 2016

Actions and Consequences


Upon a cold snowy mountain wisps of snow whipped about a ski hill. Upon the chair lift sat a father and his daughter. The little girl giggled with joy as her father hugged her close keeping her warm and safe from the snow that attacked from all sides. The lights on the hill displayed the array of snowflakes as they fell. The ride up was peaceful and quite save for the joyous laughter of the little child . The little girl was afraid to go down at first but was reassured by the presence of her father at her side who encouraged her letting her know that no harm would befall her. At the bottom of the hill the two met up with the mother after which the happy trio sipped hot cocao under the shelter of the cozy ski lodge. Later as the family headed home the soft sounds of Christmas music and the hum of the Jeep's engine provided a gentle ride as the little girl began to drift asleep still filled with excitement, joy, and the warm feeling of compassionate love from her parents. 
     It was the sound of the family's annual Christmas music, the sight of Christmas lights, the comforting sound of her father's voice on the daunting ski hill, and the aroma of Christmas that would last forever for the little girl. These memories, these feelings, they were the result of compassion, guidance, and dedication from her parents. Yet, as these lovely memories would last forever, somewhere, a little girl was shivering  in her bed waiting for her mother to return from work. Though the little girl's mother had no job and was alcoholic, and her father she had never known, she continued to believe, with the faith of any innocent child, that her father had died in an accident and her mother was working hard for food. She began to cry as the shadows of the dark cold house crept in on her. There was no comforting voice of her father, her mother was not there to reassure her that nothing would harm her, and the uncertainty of her mother's return added to her ominous sorrow and the feeling of utter loneliness. She was alone, there was not warm feeling of love and comfort, no one would hug her, keep her safe, keep her warm... 

                       For those that live for themselves, others will suffer.

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