Thursday, April 4, 2019

Where is my mind.

            As I've gotten older and matured I must admit I cringe at my past posts, thoughts, and mannerisms. I do, however; admire the raw passion with which I stimulated myself. This passion pushed me to be a better person, to be physically adept were the situation to arise that I need "defend an innocent child from a pedophile". It gave me strength to push myself despite discomfort or personal fear, and not just physically but socially and mentally. The truth is I've sort have lost the drive I once had. No doubt my past passion was due to hormonal overloads due to teenage growth. While a noble quest it was an immature outlook. As of now being older, and dare I say a little more mature, I realize the battle isn't so much a physical, hand-to-hand combat one, but rather a moral political one. Abortion, sex education, transgender dilemma, they are all controversial topics. My end goal is to understand these topics and determine right from wrong with the sole purpose of protecting children from harmful influence. This blog just might die out, it might just be a resting place for my wandering thoughts.

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