Thursday, October 15, 2015

May evil experience swift justice.

The S.S.A.
         Unnoticed, undetected, and when detected it's too late. Eradication comes to those on the wrong side, undefeated, a fear that may not be detected but is forever real and present. If you are on the wrong side your survival is unlikely.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Even Monsters Have Nightmares.

  The month of October is largely associated with  Halloween, an old holiday from the ancient Celtic people in Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. The festival was held in order to ward off evil spirits but today has evolved into something far different. Increasingly we see that society treats this holiday as an invitation and glorification of evil rather then a day to ward evil off. Through out October the stories posted will be Halloween oriented, however; evil will be treated as it is, evil. Please enjoy and feel free to suggest a scenario!
Team 2 entering the second story of the house.

October 1st, 11:54 P.M. It's a calm night when a careless teen decides to play a prank on his 10 year old sister and her friend. As the brother walks his sister and her friend back to his house he shows them an ominous abandoned house and convinces them to take a quick peek with him. The trio walks cautiously into the old abandoned house as the stars begin to come out and the air begins to chill. As they enter, the boy leads the two girls up a rickety set of stairs to the rotting second story. The two young girls giggle nervously as they walk down the darkened halls only illuminated by their hand held flashlights. Now seeing that the girls are walking close together he takes the opportunity to slip out on the vulnerable pair. As he nears the stairs he chuckles to himself when he hears the startled scream of his sisters friend. In this same instance a S.S.A. Tactical Team heads to the point knowing that this house is no ordinary house at all, and in fact poses a great threat to the unsuspecting individuals who enter. The young teen confidently rushes to where he thought he recalled the door being. Instead the gaping mouth of a deep dark hearth greets him. The two young girls on the second floor crouch in a corner trembling and scared to make a sound. Meanwhile the S.S.A. is on the move, after landing two UH-60 Blackhawks the tactical rescue team is deployed. The agents sensing the danger that all three individuals were in quickly plowed through the rotting door, careful to maintain a guideline to the exit. Within seconds the team locates the disorientated teen and upon reaching him checks all his vital signs and mental stability. The mission is no success yet. A noise above causes the entire 4 man team to freeze. Footsteps ominously cross the ceiling sending down rotting wood with each black heavy step. Could that be team 2, no, team 2 had not yet reached the second story landing. The young teen still scared and nearly unconscious mutters, "I'm so scared." Seconds later one of the terrified girls' scream sends Team 2's 4 man team racing up the stairway. As Team 1 evacs, Team 2 can be heard crashing through walls and doors until successfully locating the young, innocent girls. As the evil inhabitants  within  attempt to swallow the agents and the girls they ultimately meet their own fate, in the end evil stops with the agents. Even monsters have nightmares. Defend, defy, defeat, Evil Stops Here!

Inspired by Urban Assault's "Halloween"

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Feel Free to give Feedback.

Hello viewers, I'd like to invite you to feel free to comment or email me for any ideas or questions you have. I don't know how many of you view the blog or read it's stories but if you have any ideas for a story or post just let me know. Rock on!