Thursday, July 14, 2016

Life is Selfish, Life is Cruel, Parents and Guardians Should Not Be.

 How long until society, our culture, our people, realize how precious and important the life of a child is. How valuable and important it is for a child to have the best, we as adults, have to offer them. For those of us who are parents, it is our obligation to ensure a safe, supportive, and direction oriented home for our children. Yet, many, many parents fail to see what it means to raise a child and instead seem to see the media and the rest of the culture as the standard of child rearing. Our culture's message about responsibility is a selfish and irresponsible one. For those of us who do not have children it is also our duty to help, protect, and have compassion for every child as the world is not their friend. As it is, few have the courage to help a child on the street or even remain vigilant when a child appears alone. Children suffer every day from those that intend to harm them but also from parents who refuse to love them as they should. To me this is terribly sad but at the same time, angers me. We must realize that a child's life and welfare is precious and that we are the ones that provide the experiences for children,  good and bad! Well, that's all for now have a good one.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Growing up.

"I find it hardy to deny, yet, I deny myself the time to even think about it. I refuse to allow feelings to get through to me, I close doors for no apparent reason, I shut off parts of my life that may be relevant, that may be my calling. But recently, I've opened those doors, made some mistakes, and come to realize, that this life is in fact a tough one but it is up to us how we handle the struggles of life. I personally was causing unnecessary struggles. I now realize that I strongly desire to become a father, to have children, a daughter, a son. I often wonder, am I the only guy that thinks like this, why do I think like this, how do I know this is what I should be considering? One thing is for sure, if I am to become a father, I want to be the father that our society is in need of, and not only that but also the husband that every dedicated wife deserves, as well as the man that is not afraid to run from the views of society that challenge his morals or standards. See, I consider these things, but I must consider this, with all my mistakes, with my lack of maturity, and maybe even clear direction, am I ready to father a child to support a family, to love another like no other? Am I worthy? Am I ready? All I know is I'm ready to learn and ready to tackle the tasks. Until later, wish you all the best!"~ From a viewer of Evil Stops Here. Thank you for the incredible work of art.