Friday, March 13, 2015

Horror Meets Honor (Continued)

One floor and several dauntingly dark halls away from Tactical Team 2 the first of the three confused teens became conscious. Dazed, disoriented, and still struck with fear the boy remained motionless. Afraid to move, afraid to make a sound until he heard the noise of his friend also waking to find himself even more lost than before. After all three had located each other and surveyed their surroundings it seemed clear to them that they were lost beyond all hope. The room they were in now was no hallway but rather what seemed to be a large lounge of some sort. What’s more the ominous and chilling voices synced with the sound of distant creaking doors created a ghostly
symphony that seemed to be approaching closer and closer. Where were they? Where was the officer that was sent? But more importantly the question that was on all three boys’ minds was, am I getting out of here with my life?
Simultaneously Tactical Team 1 was coordinating thorough search patterns of the building with the police officers that had responded to the call. The horrifying sounds that retreated from the penitentiary and mixed with the officers radio equipment made many police officers hesitant to approach. For Tac1 the operation was a slow one, however; not far away Tac2 charged headlong into deadly chaos.
Tac2: “Tac2 here, Tac1 we are proceeding to uppermost floor, be advised these doors don’t stay open long, over.”
Tac1: “Copy Tac2, we have officers on floor one and proceeding to floor two. No known contact with victims over.”
Tac2: “ Roger, we are getting lots of static on our coms, prepare for possible commu……*static*”
After several minutes of trying to recontact Tac2, the team leader of Tac1 surged into frantic but precise action. Turning to the officer next to him the team leader dealt his commands, “I want all your officers to continue searching the designated floors! We have lost contact with Tac2, hold your positions until we make contact with Tac2.” Within seconds Tac2 had formed up and was on their way to the last known location of Tac1.
Despite the lack of communication Tac1 was alive and well as it charged through the dank halls of the superstructure. The nonstop barrage of the six man team drowned out the noise of the creaking doors, the voices, and the ominous look of the rooms and halls. As the mass of men worked their way through the deadly maze Tac1’s communications member attempted contact with their fellow agents to no avail. With the burst of another door to the floor, was another step closer to the possible location of the victims. Their mission was to rescue the victims alive, nothing would turn them around until that mission was fulfilled.
As the confused boys huddled together, breathing heavily, the sudden sound of a heavy footstep captured their attention. A figure clothed in what looked to be rags, face covered by a mask of white, lifted above its head a club studded severely with spikes and began to creep towards them. Unable to control his fear the youngest of the  lost victims screamed in complete pandemonium. The voices echoed all around and all the doors to the room slammed shut. There was no way out.
As Tac1 moved down the corridors a bloodcurdling shriek turned all their attention in the direction from which it came. Within seconds the team had arrived at the door and hearing the commotion from within slammed against the heavy steel doors without success. Inside the boys had split up and were now randomly running to the farthest corners of the room in an attempt to stay out of the grasp of this devilish horror. as the tactical team slammed into the doors and called out the names  of the boys hope flared up in all three boys while confusion blinded the demon like entity. A loud crash and the doors came down as six steadfast men poured into the room. After locating the victims four team members retreated to the hall. Shot after shot was discharged by two agents who stood their ground covering the retreat of the victims, shot after shot impacted the entity eventually dropping him to the floor.
Tac2: “Tac1, do you read me? Report status,report status.”
Tac1: “Tac2, all three victims secure, agents have dispatched an unexplained individual requesting backup to cover our retreat, over.”
Tac2:  “Copy Tac1, we are proceeding to floor four. Hold tight and maintain contact.”
Tac1:  “roger that, be advised there is still a possibility of further individuals.”
Tac2:   “Copy.”
After handing the victims to authorities the twelve agents headed to their transports and left just as abruptly as they had come. Baffled and still on edge from what they had seen and heard the officers then turned their attention to the teens in hopes of getting more information on the ordeal.
Despite the seemingly overwhelming power of the supernatural being it stood no chance when it went face to face with a deadly team of S.S.A. agents whose goal was to rescue the trapped victims no matter the consequences to themselves.
 -Defend, defy, defeat. Evil Stops here!

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