Friday, March 6, 2015

Horror Meets Honor

                     Horror Meets Honor   

The S.S.A. a Highly trained, stealthy, and more deadly than the evils they face specializes in victim rescue, counter-evil operations, and a number of other missions. This unit fights head to head with the most dangerous and evil superiors that otherwise would go unopposed.

2:15 P.M. A 911 distress call sends a patrol car to the location of an emergency. A dispatcher is currently on the line with the 911 callers. Two teens and a younger brother have become hopelessly lost inside the dark and dim maze of hallways inside the Essex Mountain Sanatorium, an asylum abandoned for years. In over their heads and plagued with sudden and seemingly sourceless sounds the teens decide to call for the highest authority they can reach. A skeptical,single officer races to the scene expecting a prank. None the less the dispatcher remains on the line with the victims. The following is from that call:
Dispatcher: “Is everyone together young man?”
Victim: "Yes, yeah we are all together. Can you just get someone over here.”
Dispatcher: “We have an officer on the way, just stay where you are.”
Victim: “There’s like,*static*...... all over and I cannot concentrate.”
Dispatcher: “I’m sorry?”
Victim: Talking to fellow victims, “Ugh, it’s cold in here.”
“No one lives here right? All the doors are slamming shut, just please get us out of here!”
Dispatcher: “Stay calm, help is on the way. Are you near any windows or doors that lead to the outside?”
Victim: “No.We’re in a hallway. I don’t….*static*.”
Dispatcher: “Hello? Young man are you there? Hello?”
Having lost contact with the victims the dispatcher informs the responding officer. The officer arrives at the location only to find one vehicle. Not knowing where to start the police officer radios for backup. As the sun begins to dip below the horizon the officer hears unearthly sounds echoing throughout the building. Voices crackle in his radio, indistinguishable, but audible nonetheless. Disturbed the officer reaches for the radio to contact the incoming back up. Before he could speak into the radio he hears the sound of helicopters as they chopped through the air. Within seconds they came into view and landed abruptly behind the asylum.
2:30 P.M. The 911 distress call has also reached the ears of a special unit. This unit is non other than the S.S.A. Within minutes of the call the team races into action. Upon reaching the location the team of 12 descends upon the position in two UH-60 helicopters. The following are the agents transmissions upon their landing:
Tactical Team 1: “Tac2, let me know when you are ready.”
Tactical Team 2: “Copy Tac1, we are currently approaching from the left side of the building.”
Tac1: “Tac1 ready.”
Tac2: “Tac2 is ready to enter, stacked on your left.”
Tac1: “We are in, proceeding to rendezvous point.”
Tac2: “Copy, lights on team, we need to be seen.”
As team members call out the names of the victims in order to shorten their search time they cannot help but witness the sounds, and movement that constantly keeps the team on the look out. As the team approaches a  first floor hallway the heavy metal door to the entrance slams shut halting the team in their tracks. 
Tac1: “Knock that door out, les’ go!”
After kicking the door in an attempt to bust it from it hinges the team resorts to explosives.After the door goes down the units proceed to clear the first floor.
Tac1: “Alright Tac2 to second floor, Tac2 second floor.”
Tac2: “proceeding to second floor, Tac1 meet upon clearing completion, over.”
Tac1: “Copy, Tac1 will also get contact with police units. Proceed to objective.”
As the first team operates with the police informing them of their mission team two disappears down the dark and ominously quiet halls of the second floor.
Suddenly a shrill screech echoed loudly through out the asylum. The unit responded to this by shouting louder in an attempt to gain the upper hand in the battle of fear factors. As the screeches and moans droned on throughout the halls the team busted rotted doors shattering glass and splintering wood as they crushed everything in their way. It was now their goal to make the most noise with great amount of force, shouting all the while, thus making it easier for the victims to identify friend from foe.


  1. It's really interesting! can't wait to hear more.

  2. I agree with what you say. I just love brave, honorable, selfless, Godly people.