Friday, June 12, 2015

The Battle of Ameins Part III


An allied soldier flushes German troops out of the remains of a trench.

As team three’s tank advanced on another pillbox an enemy artillery shell landed dangerously close destroying the right track of the tank. Now immobilized Feisty Fire’s crew would have to sit and wait until help arrived from teams one and two. At about this time teams one and two had met up at a field station and were just heading out to attend to more wounded when Feisty Fire’s distress call was received. Now with two missions on their hands the teams loaded up and doubled their pace. After attending to team three’s busted tank they headed back to the medic station taking in the fallen soldiers as they went.
The day ended with the allied forces and the Great Britain’s 4th Army gaining an impressive 15 miles past their starting point. The German troops numbered around 27,000 men of which 12,000 would surrender. While August 8th was a huge success the following days would not prove to be so quick. Despite this the attack had done its job putting the war in favor of the allied forces.The 2,000 British artillery, 800 aircraft, and 400 tanks used would prove to be invaluable in softening the enemy and pushing through their lines. Having done their job the S.S.A.  returned to the current time period with plenty of lessons learned and many a terror seen.

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