Friday, June 5, 2015

Tough Missions Require Tough Calls

The following is a short. Please share and enjoy! 

Hey guys, I come from a small and secretive tactical unit known as the S.S.A. While we usually file reports and mission data files I thought I'd just share this one with ya'll as it freaked the living daylights out of me.We specialize in a variety of missions, from saving children from pedophiles to preventing serious tragic catastrophes.On this particular mission we got a call out, it was the year 2002, this mission would be no ordinary one. In fact it was one of the more dangerous type. It came to my team of 12's attention that a Catholic Priest would be required on this mission. Four kids, alone, in a suburban home somehow get hold of a Ouija board. For some reason or other the kids decide to mess with this thing. It takes us approximately 5 minutes to get from our drop zone to the inside of the house. By the time we reach the house and the room where the kids are at there is complete chaos.Before I continue I will describe our current state and defenses. All 12 of us are armed with fully automatic weapons as well as other backup weapons. We are protected with kevlar as well as protected from biological and chemical attacks. Our all black uniform plus equipment are nothing to dismiss. Despite all this we ourselves are not armed for what we were about to meet. Boy was it a good idea to fetch that priest.By the time we reach the room we find two young girls who appear to be in shock while one boy yells helplessly at his friend who is now having a severe seizure. We decide to drag both girls, still dazed, to another room while attending to both boys. With six in the room and six others in the back room with the two girls we decide to act.The boys body convulsing severely must be attended to. My wingman puts one or two tranquilizers in the kid to shut his body down and relax his muscles. To our surprise and dread the tranquilizers have little to no impact on the child'e state. Without a moment to lose as the situation grows ever more dangerous our priest makes his move. From this point we retreat from the room all of us sweating profusely.I remember my wingman ,Cliff, saying to me with exhaustion, "Di..Did I really just see that?" I shook my head unable to give a coherent answer. I remember thinking later, "why on Earth would this ever seem like a good idea for a kid, ugh, this is awful."Several years later and much therapy and the kids are still shaken up.I hope no one ever finds it in themselves to mess with this kind of stuff.~ Tracer

S.S.A. (-.|'-)

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