Friday, April 8, 2016

Be a Knight and Stand Firm Against the Dragon

Be a knight among dragons, protect the dignity of of those who cannot, uphold morality and justice, a guardian for the most innocent, and a worthy adversary to their enemies!

                   I have this constant theme and idea going that, "We need to be knights, that we must stand against Dragons, and that we must protect the innocent." I hope it's obvious but my point is we all have responsibilities and duties, whether that is taking a solid, well informed stand against a culturally accepted immorality, assisting the elderly with care and compassion, or simply taking on the responsibilities of parenthood.

              While I am aware that there are plenty of excellent parents and people in general out there I am also aware that there are people out there who are mediocre, who will not take  a stand for or against much and who are slack in their parental duties. Perhaps, and hopefully with a little realization, these people will see the importance of their duties and the value of having good moral standards. That is all for now I wish you all a good weekend!