Monday, September 6, 2021


        Ultimately the idea behind Sterland was a nation founded on Judeo-Christian and Eastern Orthodox Principals. Sterland would begin its history with a tumultuous period but grow into an isolationist country who'd watch the world rise and fall around them. In the name of faith in Christ and upholding of Orthodox doctrine Sterland would see itself constantly several steps ahead of the most advanced country in the world in a bid for self preservation. This would tie into the SSA aiding in resources and man-power. Eventually the duplicated agents would be fazed out in favor of younger Sterlandic men. The following are weapons and defense systems utilized by Sterland and the S.S.A.

     AGGRESSOR ACFT: With the construction of the Aggressor F/A-19, Sterland would lead the way in tailless fighter aircraft. However, Sterland's airpower had seen successful and commercial use of tailless aircraft as early as the 1950s. In late 2012 Sterlandic offensive airpower would see the final form of conventional propulsion aircraft with the introduction of a "final generation" fighter as it was called by the SDM (Sterlandic Defense Minister).

VAPOR HAWK PROGRAM:  The AD-22 Vapor Hawk was the first iteration of Sterland's Vapor Hawk program. The program saw extreme success in exhausting all resources to produce an aircraft which essentially aimed to exploit conventional thrust propulsion to the maximum extent possible. The Vapor Hawk would surpass not only Sterland's F/A-19 Aggressor, but  that of any air superiority fighter known. The Vapor Hawk saw extensive use in stealth strike campaigns in support of SSA operations globally. Despites the VH's small size it's range was not adversely effected. Not only was the VH stealth to radar but also stealth to the naked eye. A first-of-its-kind camouflage system made it one of the most effective infiltrators and often earned the Vapor Hawk reconnaissance missions. While currently Sterland's mainstay fighter for years to come there is speculation of a "non-conventional thrust" fighter capable of breaching suborbital travel. 

REGGER 345: The Regger 345 is a bullpup style rifle initially adopted by the SSA and would become the signature weapon for Sterland's most elite fighting units.

 SIDEL: The Sidel is an experimental weapon designed by Sterlandic Inventor, Thomas Sidel. It's initial intent was to act as both a lethal and non-lethal weapon. By controlling energy concentration, which formed a projectile based on energy emission, the user could ultimately switch between modes based on need. However, the sterlandic Department of Weapons Development deemed it a liability after it failed to switch modes in a demonstration. However, this hiccup was alleviated when Thomas Sidel introduced a magazine system explicitly for lethal measures, effectively eliminating the need for a mode switch. While still in development for Sterlandic forces the SSA has used it in several paranormal missions to terminate if not mitigate effects caused by malicious non-physical entities. 

AITOMS: Artificial Intelligence Operator Monitoring System. The primary purpose of the system is to provide greater situational awareness for the operator as well as enhance response time in terms of targeting and team member tracking. The helmet in particular can track targets, team-members, as well as adjust ballistic guidance with paired weapons systems. The targeting system would reduce the need for verbal communication as it would mark chosen targets on each team members HUD thus allowing a simultaneous elimination of targets. The system also allows the user to see beyond solid objects within a certain range, detect objects or movement not immediately visible to the naked eye, and also features a robust translation system allowing the user to communicate in and listen to any given language in real time. Currently the system is comprised of three components, the helmet itself (to include visual acuity assist "aka blind visor") and the vocal/auditory system. The SSA "Weapons Development Initiative" currently has tasked Sterlandic Defense Projects with developing a helmet that is less modular. The primary reason for this is the current helmet struggles to accommodate for rapid donning of bio-warfare raspatory equipment. Sterland's Renth-Tec Robotic Systems has offered up the Titan 2.5 as a candidate for replacement. 

HEARTS: The Human Assisted Robotic Tactical Suit is the most advanced piece of equipment operated by the SSA. The suit and included systems were the basis, if not inspiration, for systems such as AITOMS and the SIDEL energy weapon. The HARTS mainly serves as a heavy offensive weapon operated by an individual agent. The suit is the product of five prior models and still sees improvements today. A slightly altered model exists for the female aliases of the SSA and features a less offensive build-out but is no less sophisticated in it's engineering. 

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